Featured Projects
Or, Stuff We Wanna Roar About

We don’t like to brag (too much), but we’re pretty darn proud of the work we do here at Mingo and want to make sure you have all the confidence in us as we set out to make your design project a pristine, praiseworthy, printed reality. Below you’ll find several featured projects that illustrate the breadth of our printing capabilities. Poke around, see what you like, and don’t hesitate to hit us up with any questions you might have.

In just 11 days, we brought to life an entire brand identity for UPPAbaby, an American juvenile gear company. We delivered envelopes, folders and business cards with download links, a tangible brand manifesto and printed brand guidelines—ahead of schedule. That’s how we do.
The Purdue University Alumni Association wanted to make their events more interactive while keeping alumnus informed on upcoming happenings and university statistics. We swooped in and delivered a variety of colorful, punchy stacking cards.
In showcasing their Endowment Fund’s fundraising achievement, the University of Colorado was inspired by Mingo’s special coatings swatch book (aw, shucks). Anchored by the university’s colors, we printed a combination of gold paper with black ink and black paper with gold ink, along with a classic eggshell for the full color images.