University of Colorado

It’s always fun when we get to utilize a variety of paper stocks and methods within one job, and in that respect, the University of Colorado project was an absolute blast. The task: a showcase for the University Endowment Fund’s fundraising achievement. The client, inspired by Mingo’s special coatings swatch book, had high expectations for execution, to say the least. Anchored by the university’s colors, the project needed to be unique, high-end and informative in equal measures.

The swatch book format proved a quirky, intuitive way to communicate the information. For class, we went with a combination of black ink on gold paper and metallic gold ink on black paper. The cover was offset-printed, while the full-color images were digitally printed on a textured eggshell stock.

When it all came together, the result was an elegant, glimmering beauty worthy of its purpose.

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