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Spot Varnishes


Spotlight a photograph or make your focal point pop with a glorious spot gloss varnish. Insider tip: this special treatment works the best when applied to areas with high contrast. We love a good blind spot gloss paired with a black background – and we promise you will, too!

Learn all about spot varnishes, and our other special treatments, in our Special Coatings Guide!

Spot Varnishes FAQ
The Mingo Ordering Process

But Wait. How Do I Order?
We’re working around the clock to make online ordering for this product possible. But have no fear! Our trusty print gurus are here to help in the meantime. Click here or Contact Team Picasso to request a quote or place an order. We promise you’ll be in good hands.
Frequently Asked Questions: Spot Gloss Varnish FAQs
How should I set up my files for spot gloss?

You can either send a separate PDF showing only the spot gloss areas, or you can tell us what areas need to be spot gloss and we’ll happily handle the separation on our end.

Can you spot gloss varnish an uncoated paper?

You cannot add a spot gloss varnish to an uncoated paper. But you can add a clear foil stamp! And the results are ah-mazing.

Can you apply a blind spot varnish?

Yes you can! We recommend blind spot application for the highest level of contrast and visibility.

Are there any design details that won’t work with spot varnish?

Applying spot varnish to dark backgrounds always produces the best contrat. Spot varnish on top of light backgrounds, images or text tends to have less of a visual impact. We’ll always review your file before printing, and let you know if we have any concerns.

What is a dry trap, and can Mingo do this?

Dry trapping is the process of adding a spot varnish on top of printed sheets, after the sheets have had a chance to dry. This process enhances the visual effects on the varnish. We can do it, and we highly recommend it!

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