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A Wedding for One of Our Own

From the moment one of our own announced she was headed down the aisle, we couldn’t wait to emboss our little hearts out. No foil stamp was left unturned on this event suite for the ages–custom envelope liners, embossed place cards, soft touch menus, door hangers, welcome kits and koozies galore

After all, this is what Team Picasso dreams are made of…

Meet Team Picasso
Amy‘s like lightning in a bottle. She’s a master of many talents, including quotes (making them, and remembering really good ones), answering to emails with rapid-fire speed, and closing (seriously–no job is too complicated for her. Bring it on). Want to make her happy? Give her a cool new place to explore, and a little side of Netflix.
Christa’s title might be manager, but her badge reads ‘super hero,’ and not just because she loves Batman. Christa takes quality assurance to the next level, and approaches every project with a ‘save the day’ mentality. Seriously–nothing gets by on her watch. FYI: Halloween is her favorite day of the year.
Erin slays at providing the best customer service in the biz. She is the secret weapon of Team Picasso who goes above the call to arms to defeat daring deadlines and conquer crucial concerns with her quick wit. She also has a soft spot for her cats... and all of the cats she sees. We aren't saying she is the crazy cat lady of the group, but she sure is crazy about her cats!
Meet Rachel, our resident outside-the-box problem solver (because squares are for squares…) and assistant [to the] Mingo Press manager. While not everything in this world is black and white, she believes that with printing the job should be done right the first time, every time. She will go the extra mile to make sure everything is razor sharp in quality (in a non-scary way). PS- coffee and dark chocolate give her life.
Christy (note the y) falls right in line with the rest of Team Picasso, in that she’s a fan of perfect printing served with a big ol’ side of productivity. This lady is one smart cookie, and an enthusiastic sci-fi connoisseur. When she’s not tending to her houseplants, she enjoys traveling with the Doctor across all of time and space, and memorizing trivia about bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.