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Like engraving but more hardcore—and just as beautiful. Instead of a physical chisel, thermography harnesses the power of a veritable inferno. Pair thermography with any Pantone color of your choosing.

Thermography FAQ
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But Wait. How Do I Order?
We’re working around the clock to make online ordering for this product possible. But have no fear! Our trusty print gurus are here to help in the meantime. Click here or Contact Team Picasso to request a quote or place an order. We promise you’ll be in good hands.
Frequently Asked Questions: Thermography FAQ
What colors are available for thermography?

We can add thermo to any PMS spot color of your choosing!

I want thermography on uncoated paper. What Pantone chart should I reference?

If you’re planning on using spot color thermography on an uncoated paper, the coated Pantone chart will give you the best color representation. Thermography adds a little bit of shine to the ink.

Can you thermo CMYK printing?

Images and/or text printed in CMYK cannot have thermography applied. But we can print spot color thermography on top of a CMYK printed piece.

Can you print a piece utilizing both thermography and flat ink?

Absolutely! This process requires a custom quote. Fill out the custom quote form, or contact Team Picasso directly for more information.

Do you show proofs?

Yes. Any time you order printing from us, we ask that you review a proof before we produce your job. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your job will be produced correctly. Depending on the type of job, we can show you a proof in a variety of different ways: by e-mail, fax, or hardcopy.

Why does the color on my proof not match my Pantone color?

Pantone ink colors are achieved by mixing designated inks together (similar to paint). Your proof is printed with a different process using a digital color machine. These proofs are designed to be checked for spelling, information correctness, size and placement; not exact color matching. Color matching can only be done with a Pantone swatch book.

Do you charge extra for rush jobs?

No. We have no extra charges for rush jobs. In order to meet your time deadlines, some jobs may have to be produced using a different process, which could alter the price. We will always inform you of these differences prior to starting your project.

I did not see my question listed above.

Please contact us and one of our printing professionals will be happy to help you. Call us at 855.696.4646, or email us at WeCanHelp@MingoPress.com.

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