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Thick or Thin; Gloss, Matte, or Soft Touch—even our lamination is multiple choice. Perfect for protecting your important printed collateral, or for adding a little extra durability to those business cards.

Laminating FAQ
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But Wait. How Do I Order?
We’re working around the clock to make online ordering for this product possible. But have no fear! Our trusty print gurus are here to help in the meantime. Click here or Contact Team Picasso to request a quote or place an order. We promise you’ll be in good hands.
Frequently Asked Questions: Laminate FAQs
What laminate finishing options are available?

We offer gloss, matte and soft touch laminate options.

Do you offer a variety of laminate thicknesses?

Yes we do! Our laminates vary in thickness from 1.7 mil to 10 mil for gloss finishes, 1.7 mil to 5 mil for matte finishes, and 1.7 mil to 3 mil for soft touch finishes.

What’s the difference between flush cut and edge seal laminate? Which is better?

Edge seal is when the laminate film extends past the edge of your printed piece, and a flush cut is when the laminate is trimmed to the edge of the paper.  Most people prefer the look of the flush cut over the edge seal, but a sealed edge will offer the most protection for your piece.

Is there an option for a single sided laminate application?

There sure is! Contact us today for a custom quote.

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